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January 18, 2018: Stephenie Gaustad: Sett

Please join us in welcoming spinner and author, Stephenie Gaustad of Dragonfly Farms for a talk on sett – a much overlooked but critical part of weaving.

For more than 40 years Stephenie  has taught classes in textile arts: spinning, weaving, dyeing. Her articles have appeared in the pages of Handwoven, Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot, Spin.Off, Jane Austen Knits, Knitwear and Ply magazines. Her replicate textiles hang in Pueblo Grande Museum, in Phoenix, Arizona. She illustrated “The Alden Amos Big Book of Hand Spinning”. Her most recent book, ”The Practical Spinners Guide to Cotton, Flax and Hemp” was released in the spring of 2014.
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Rep Weave with Rosalie Nielson May 18 – 19, 2018



This is your chance to explore block weaving through rep weaving, a warp-faced technique also known as ripsmatta, which is characterized by an alternation of a thick and thin weft.  Join renowned craftsperson Rosalie Nielson to make a 4 or 8 harness rep weave runner.  Class is limited to 15, and will be held at Mercy Center in Burlingame.

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December 21, 2017: Winter Solstice Holiday Party

Christmas Presents Stock PhotoCome one, Come ALL! to our annual potluck Holiday Dinner on December 21st. Please bring a favorite potluck dish (with an ingredients label for those with food allergies) and/or beverage to share, and join us early as we will begin setting up our potluck dinner at 6:00 p.m.

We’ll dig into the bounty beginning about 6:30 p.m. Plates, eating utensils, napkins, and glasses will be provided, but members are encouraged to provide their own mugs.

Expect a charming evening filled with joyous fun, delicious food and delightful entertainment – the suspenseful and hilarious gift exchange during which we’ve gotten many giggles and squeals! Please bring a wrapped, untagged gift (fiber-related gifts are always nice) with a suggested value in the $15 – $20 range.

If you have any holiday tablecloths or table-top decorations you might be able to loan for this even please contact Melanie.

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October 19, 2017: Ulla de Larios: Changes

One of Ulla’s Crossings pieces is  included in a show called Migration in Art Works Downtown in San Rafael.

To see Ulla’s work go to her website:

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September 21, 2017: Rigid Heddle Hustle! Round Robin Hands-On Meeting

Welcome the new year by learning and trading crafts techniques! We will have a Round Robin with stations set up for a variety of fiber techniques.

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Spinning Wheel Show and Tell August 16, 2012

Deborah Bennett is coordinating the August guild meeting. We will be having a spinning wheel show and tell. If you have an antique, unusual or notable spinning wheel, please consider bringing it to the Woodside church fellowship hall on Aug 16 for our monthly guild meeting.
Spinning wheels do not have to be in spinnable working condition, although it is more fun if they are!

If you are bringing a wheel in August, would you please send Deborah an email (  with some information about your wheel. Information could include its age, general type, how it came to you (bought it, inherited it), whether it is in working condition, what you like to spin on it, what it spins well, etc. If it is an antique whether you know the maker or where it was made, any initials or engraving on it, etc. I would like to present a summary of the wheels at the beginning of the meeting, and perhaps group them by type in the hall.


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September 2012 Martha Stanley on “Passion in Weaving”

Martha Stanley, rugweaver extraordinaire, will talk about “passion in weaving.”  One of her favorite sayings is that she weaves because she has to. It’s not a choice for her.  Do whatever, you can’t NOT do is her favorite saying.  I expect it will be very inspirational.

Martha Stanley's Weavings

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October 2012 Rodrick Owen

How braids are made is never a mystery to those who make them, but to many of us they are mysterious and I for one  would love to know the answers. Braids to me are the most fascinating of all textile structures and they been an  absorbing interest for the past 40 years. It is this never ending journey I wish share with you as we look at braids from Europe, Asia, Japan and South America.

For an interview of Rodrick with Weavezine:


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Hands On Learning November 2012

Paula’s first card weaving

Our November program is going to be dedicated to fun, hands-on activities. In one corner we will have card weaving with Ruth Temple, in another, spinning with Barbie Paulsen. In the third corner, saori weaving with Cookie Shuman and in the fourth, surface designing with Ulla de Larios. Donna Jeffrey will be doing bobbin lace, Gudrun Polak will be doing braiding, and Dorthy Tursby will be doing back strap weaving. There will be something for everyone.

If you haven’t tried any of these fiber related techniques, it will be a fun, informative, and maybe even challenging night. Try out one or two activities, or maybe all seven!

Come prepared to learn something new, get your fingers working, and have fun with your fellow guild members.

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December 2012 Potluck!

Our December program will be our annual potluck get together. It’s a wonderful way to connect with fellow weavers, purchase hand crafted scarves and jewelry made by guild members.

Always fun and often funny is the gift exchange with the swapping poem. So bring your wrapped white elephant gift to be part of this Black Sheep tradition.

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