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Fund Raiser Stash and Tools Sale – June 15, 2017

Join us for our annual Fundraiser Stash sale on June 15th at 7:30 pm. This will be our last meeting at  Woodside Community Church in Woodside CA. Doors open at 7 pm.

Clean out those nooks and crannies of that fiber or equipment from your stash that isn’t serving you at the moment, and bring it to share with your friends who need that spark of inspiration! And please contribute an item for our Silent Auction if you can. This is a fun evening of camaraderie and fund raising for the guild, don’t miss it!

Color Palette

Reservations for dinner will be made at Buck’s on Woodside Rd for 5:30 pm. Let’s share nostalgia!

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Sandy Fisher, Chico Cloth – March 16, 2017

Our program this month highlights Sandy Fisher from Chico, CA. Her program will focus on her mission, “The Chico Flax Project”, to bring the flax industry to Northern California, and thus to the United States. She’ll have slides, and dialogue with us on her vision, and offers a hands-on opportunity to experience Brake, Scutch and Hackle flax. She’ll also bring finished linen yard and garments, some of them for sale.

Sandy’s website, at, describes classes she teaches, as well as listing galleries and shows where her work can be found. There is also a section which explains her working principles and values for four different types of fiber art. The bags and handbags section celebrates sustainability, while table mats and runners show off her signature weaving with linen warp, using weft of blended cottons and paper (yes, washable). The Baby Wraps combine traditional twills learned in Scotland, and a unique, personally developed hand dye technique. Pictures below come from her website.

Please remember that doors at our usual venue, Woodside Community Church parish hall, open at 7 for set up and visiting. The program begins at 7:30. Afterwards we’ll have refreshments, Show and Tell, and a short business meeting, this month raising the need for a Nominations Committee for elections for our many service committee options.

Reservations will be made at Buck’s Restaurant in Woodside for 5:30 pm. Sandy and her husband will join us. Y’all come!

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Robin Lynde of Meridian Jacobs – April 20, 2017

This month we feature Robin Lynde from Meridian Jacobs Wool in Vacaville, CA. She will give her “World of Wool” presentation, which will clue us into the Jacob breed and its fiber characteristics, and how that fits into other types of wool for spinning and weaving. She’ll bring samples of different wools so we can feel how they differ, and roving and fiber for sale from their farm.

Dinner reservations will be made at Buck’s Restaurant on Woodside Road in Woodside at 5:30 pm. Y’all come!

Doors open at our usual venue, Woodside Community Church in Woodside, at 7 pm. The program begins at 7:30 and runs for about an hour. Afterwards we have refreshments and a short business meeting.

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Kim Davis – Jan. 19, 2017

Our regular meeting is held at Woodside Community Church, Woodside Rd in Woodside CA. Doors open at 7pm for set up and conversation. The program starts at 7:30 and lasts about an hour. That is followed by refreshments and a short business meeting.

Our presenter in January, Kim Davis, works at the Lace Museum in San Jose. She will give the program to us that she gave to the BRAIDS conference in 2015. In it she gives some history of how bobbin lace developed, and shows some similarity between loop braiding and bobbin lace. Her personal interest is in wire lace, as you can see in two of the example photos included here.













She brought several examples of her own work to show us as well:

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Laverne Waddington – Oct. 20, 2016 – location Vets’ Senior Ctr RWC

Laverne titles her program for us “Woven Structures in South American Textiles”.  She promises to walk us  through the various woven structures she has encountered while learning to weave in South America.  “I’ll show examples of how I have used these in my own work on the backstrap loom”, she writes.

She elaborates, “Simple looms do not necessarily mean simple textiles. Weavers in South America use rustic looms to create complex cloth employing a wide variety of techniques using complementary-warp structures and both supplementary warps and weft. Even plain-weave textiles are not in any way “plain” when incorporating ikat or finished with intricate knotted fringes, colorful joining stitches and tubular edgings.”


Our program will be different from Laverne’s workshop (doubleweave, a structure commonly used in South America which fell into disuse but in recent years was revived by Jennifer Moore), held the previous weekend at Ruth’s house. The workshop there is full but more details will be posted.

The meeting location will be VETERANS’ MEMORIAL SENIOR CENTER, 1455 Madison Ave., Redwood City, an alternate site we have used several times in the past. The doors will be opened for us by 7pm. Our program will start at 7:30 pm. Refreshments and a short business meeting will follow the program.

Reservations will be made for 5:30 pm for the pre-meeting dinner at a restaurant new to us but highly recommended – Redwood Grill, at 356 Woodside Rd in Redwood City. It is only a 6 minute neighborhood drive from the meeting location, and it offers a variety of menu choices as well as parking and accessibility.

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Timeless Treasures – Nov. 17, 2016

Our program this month will be a Members’ Show and Tell, in which each person who attends is invited to bring one fiber object which has been important to your life. Certainly it can be created by someone else and gifted to you or inherited by you, and sentimental value is just as important as artistic merit. Please be mindful of the number of people present who want to share during our normal hour of program, and limit your explanations accordingly.

For instance, during the summer Joan brought in a special quilt:


Our meeting location is the familiar Parish Hall at Woodside Community Church. Doors will be opened by 7pm. Program runs 7:30-8:30, approximately, and we’ll have a short business meeting as well as normal Show and Tell after refreshments.

Dinner reservations will be made at Buck’s on Woodside Road for 5:30 pm.

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First Fall Program – Tien’s New Book and Signing! – Sept 15, 2016

Our web mistress has published a new book, Master Your Craft: Strategies for Designing, Making and Selling Artisan Work. This book helps beginning and intermediate crafters create award-winning work by outlining a powerful creative process, then offering advice through each step. It also provides an introduction to design – visual, functional, and practical – to jumpstart you on your journey to mastery.

Insights from 22 master artisans appear throughout the book, across a broad range of media: glassworking, metalworking and jewelrymaking, woodworking, and of course textiles! Textile artisans include surface design artists John Marshall and Ana Lisa Hedstrom; tapestry weavers Archie Brennan, Susan Martin Maffei, and Tommye Scanlin; felter Andrea Graham; and milliner Wayne Wichern. Many of these artisans have also been Black Sheep program speakers!

Tien will show and tell us about it at our first meeting, Sept. 15, as well as have plenty of copies for purchase and signing. (If you can’t wait until Sept. 15, you can order the book from her at .)

Master Your Craft - Strategies for Designing, Making, and Selling Artisan Work

Reservations will be made at Buck’s Restaurant for dinner at 5:30 pm and you can come unannounced, Buck’s is happy to accommodate us. (We have “our own waiter”!)

The meeting will be held IN THE CHAPEL, to the east of the community room we usually use at Woodside Community Church on Woodside Rd. Door opens at 7 pm, program runs 7:30-8:30 pm, followed by refreshments and a short business meeting. Y’all come!


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Fabric CSI – July 21, 2016

Summer programs are simple, home-grown and laid-back. Reservations for dinner at Buck’s Restaurant on Woodside Road will be made for 5:30p.m. The usual meeting site at Woodside Community Church down the road will be opened at 7 pm. We are giving Melanie a break for the summer, so bring something light to share, or a carton of lemonade.

Tonight’s program will feature Ann McDonough sharing with us a fascinating class she took at CNCH this spring from Cameron Taylor-Brown.

We will have a round table program for which everyone brings in various pieces of woven cloth collected from their travels, or even “cheap” dish towels from World Market — something interesting. In small groups, we’ll examine these fabrics for weave structure, what makes this cloth interesting (or not), fiber type, etc.

For example, in the study group at CNCH there was a cloth that was warp+weft ikat, another which was some sort of inlay. There was also a stitched double cloth. Try looking at Cameron’s website ( ) for ideas, if you want to bring something challenging (discussing any one of the fabrics on her site would take all night). You get the idea.
weave families
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Indigo – “Blue Alchemy” – Aug. 18, 2016

Dinner reservations will be made at Buck’s Restaurant on Woodside Road at 5:30 as usual. Do come and enjoy our chats there.

The meeting room at Woodside Community Church, just past the library, will be opened at 7 pm for set up by early comers. We’ll watch a documentary video owned and shown by Barbara Shapiro about the worldwide history and development of Indigo. Our taste was whetted during the May meeting by seeing part of it; now we get to see it all.


There will be no business meeting. If you have cookies or snacks to share, please bring them. Melanie is away.

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DIFFERENT VENUE – CNCH Retrospective, and “Blue Alchemy” – May 19, 2016

Our meeting will be held in the Goldstar Room at the Veterans’ Memorial Senior Center in Redwood City, located at 1455 Madison Ave., Redwood City. The room will be opened for us from 7 pm until 10pm. We’ll begin with CNCH Show and Tell, as well as whatever anyone else has to bring of their own, and show in the remaining time a DVD, “Blue Alchemy: Stories of Indigo”, owned by Barbara Shapiro. The DVD lasts 79 minutes, so the current idea is to show the whole video at one of our summer meetings (that leaves one other summer meeting to bring in an idea for!).











Reservations for dinner will be made for 5:30 pm at Galeotti’s Pizza, at 3121 Jefferson Ave., Redwood City.

We will have refreshments in the Goldstar Room room, and a short business meeting afterwards.

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