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Movie Night – August 17, 2017

We’ll be viewing Nancy Harvey’s video, “Tapestry Techniques for Clothing Construction”, in which she shows a new tapestry-like technique which is fast and easy and has a supple hand light-weight enough to fashion into clothing. Then she shows techniques for assembling wearables from the new textile art. Viewing time is 101 minutes so we will choose chapters to show, rather than the whole thing. The video is owned by our Library so it will be available to check out afterwards.

Tonight’s program will be held at Redwood City’s Veteran’s Memorial Senior Center, located at 1455 Madison Ave., Redwood City. Our meeting room, the Gold Star Room, will open at 6:45 and the meeting will begin at 7:15, to facilitate operations for our new host, Redwood City Veterans’ Senior Center.

We’ll make reservations for dinner at 5:30 pm at the Redwood Grill. Its address is 356 in Woodside Plaza, Woodside Rd., Redwood City, but you may find it simpler to look for it in Woodside Plaza shopping center, at the corner of Massachusetts Ave and Woodside Rd.  It is only a few blocks from the Senior Center and has plenty of parking.


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Programs 2015 – 2016

Sept. 17, 2015    Ginger Summit – Guild member, Spirit Dolls and musical instruments made from gourds

Oct. 15, 2015     Adele Stafford – Voices of Industry, professional weaver and promotor of organic cotton

Nov. 19, 2015    Susie Taylor – textile designer and complex weaver including “origami” style

Dec.  17, 2015    Holiday Party

Jan. 21, 2016     Youngmin Lee – Bojagi, the Korean Art of Wrapping Cloths

Feb. 25, 2016     Dorothy Thursby – Guild member, weaving in Peru, and tapestry

Mar. 17, 2016     Tracey Janek – Levi Jeans

Apr. 21, 2016      Michael Rohde –  textile design and tapestry

May 19, 2016     CNCH show and tell

June 16, 2016    End of season Show and Sale

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Programs 2014 – 2015

9.18.14     Alfred Eberle, Silk Reeling

10.11-12   Jason Collingwood Workshop, see Workshops

10.16.14   Barbara Shapiro, Japanese Slow Fiber

11.20.14   Rebecca Burgess, Natural Dyes, clothing, Fibershed Project

12.18.14   HOLIDAY PARTY

1.15.15      Wayne Wichern, Millinery

2.19.15      Jodi Paley, Elizabeth Eddy et al., Weaving for Worship

3.6-8.15    Carin Engen, Three Felting Workshops

3.19.15      Barbie Paulsen, Overshot

4.16.15      Natasha Foucault, Painting on Silk

5.21.15      CNCH 2015 Retrospective Show-and-Tell

6.18.15     Season FINAL Meeting and Sale


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