Weave Structures Study Group

The Weave Structures Study group first met in late summer 2019 and agreed upon the following:

  • We would choose a different weave structure to study every three months.
  • We would help each other, or bring in someone from the guild with more experience to help us if needed.
  • Each member would choose their own project and materials, and weave it within three months.
  • We would meet monthly to talk about challenges and what we were learning.
  • At the end of the three month period, we would show our projects to the guild.

The members decided upon Rep Weave for the first weave structure! Projects were presented at the January 2020 Guild meeting. For Q1 2020, we’ve picked Shadow Weave.

This rug, by one of the members, is six feet long!
Joan purchased a kit, but then made it her own. These placemats are fabulous!
Ange’s table runner
Detail of Betsy’s new rug!