Black Sheep Towel Exchange!

Zoom meetings are a great way to keep in touch while we’re socially distancing, but we find ourselves missing seeing each other in person at Guild meetings, study group meetings, conferences and social gatherings.  If we can’t gather together in person, at least we can weave towels to mingle in each other’s kitchens! We invite you to join us in this towel exchange
  • Towels must be woven from cotton, linen, hemp, or any combination of these fibers.
  • Finished size is to be between 18” and 22″ inches wide, and 25” to 28″ long. Please plan ahead to address shrinkage and pull-in.
  • Please finish with a hem, either hand-sewn or machine-sewn.
  • Closer to the due date, we’ll provide you a form to fill out for each towel asking for information on you and your towels, including loom, draft, yarn info, inspiration, etc.
  • Hang onto your finished towels until the May 2021 meeting; we’ll collect them at the meeting, or if we’re unable to meet, we’ll tell you where to mail your towels
  • When you turn in your towels, we’ll be asking you to tell us your color preference: warm colors, cool colors, neutrals or potluck.  We’ll do our best to honor your preferences.
  • You’ll get three towels from three different Black Sheep weavers at the June 2021 meeting. If we’re unable to meet in person, we’ll arrange another way to get your towels to you.
  • Want to get back more than 3 towels? Go ahead and turn in more! Please make them in multiples of 3.

Please email Ann or Ange if you are interested and we will add you to our TowelTalk mailing list where we talk about all things towels and cheer each other on!

–Ann McDonough and Ange Mirer